Genie Please

Torpedo Boat


“Alvin be careful with your new boat!” Casey yelled as Alvin ran towards the back door.

“I will! Bye, mom!” He yelled back as he made his exit out the door. Alvin was so excited to play with his new toy boat that he got for his birthday; he couldn’t wait to play with it in the water and to make sure it worked well. With a little bounce in his step and listing to his mother, he held his torpedo boat firmly to his so that he wouldn’t drop his boat on the way to the park.

Once he got to the park, he walked passed the jungle gym and went straight towards the pond. As he got closer he saw a group of other boys crowed around the pond talking. Once he got close enough to hear what they were talking about he stopped in his tracks.

“Woah that’s a really cool boat!” One boy said.

“Does it work well? I bet you could race it!” another said.

“Yeah, it works well! Mines is super-fast!” The boy with the boat exclaimed.

Alvin was a bit disappointed because he thought his red and white striped boat was one of a kind. But nowhere stands another little boy the same age as him with the same boat but in blue. Alvin didn’t move from his position thinking that he should just turn around and go back home. But before he could decide on what to do, one of the boys noticed him and his boat.

“Hey, he has a boat Just like yours!” the boy exclaimed pointing at Alvin. All the attention was on Alvin now. The boy with the boat looked at him with a pleased expression on his face. He was happy because he now had someone he could race with. Alvin, on the other hand, was frozen in his place now with all their attention on him. He didn’t know whether to respond or just to run away. The boy with the blue boat walked towards him and asked, “Do you wanna race?” Alvin looked at the boy and then towards the group of boys. If he said no they would tease him. If he said yes and lost the race they would still tease him. And then there was that small chance that he could win. Alvin swallowed and nodded yes to the boy with the with the blue boat. The little boy smiled with excitement and pulled Alvin over to the edge of the pond and put his boat in the water and held it there waiting for Alvin to do the same. Alvin got down to where the boy was and did the same thing he did. Before they started, one of the other boys said something that made Alvin want to leave the park right away.

“Loser has to give his boat to the winner!” He shouted. Alvin looked to his left where his opponent was. He was smiling evilly at Alvin and then looked at Alvin’s boat. This made Alvin upset. If he lost his boat his mother would be angry with him.

“Ready, Set, Go!” one of the boys yelled and Alvin turned him on as the boy said go. As both boats were off they all followed them along the side of the pond. Alvin felt a little relieved that his boat was ahead of the blue boat. His body filled with glee as his boat reached the end of the pond first. Alvin jumped with happiness and went to grab his boat out of the water as the other boys cheered for him.

In the mist of their cheering, the little boy held out his blue boat to Alvin.

“Here take it you won.” He said disappointedly.

“No, keep it I already have one,” Alvin said and started to walk away from the group with a smile on his face.