Genie Please

Lost Girls 


I didn’t know where we were going that day. My parents seemed extremely worried. I should’ve asked what was going on? Where were they taking me? I probably wouldn’t have felt so scared and abandoned. I remember our car pulling up to this old, creepy house. As my father stopped the car, my mother took me out of the car along with my suitcase. We both walked up to the double doors of the the house and my mother rang the door bell. My hands tightened around my mothers hand, afraid of who would be on the other side of the door. 

The door opened and there stood this middle aged woman in one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. Her hair was pulled back into a low ponytail and the expression on her face was extremely unpleasant. I felt like crying at that moment. I probably should have cried then maybe my parent would have changed their minds.

As my mother and the woman talked, I tried to look into the house. All I could see was a stair case, a large rug in the middle of the floor, and some candles hanging on the wall. 

“We will take good care of her.” The woman said which made me look up at my mother with wide eyes. She bent down to my level. 

“Sweetheart you’re going to stay with these nice people while we are gone. I promise your father and I will come back for you. I love you Ren don’t ever forget that.” She kissed my forehead and stood back up to hand the woman my suitcase. 

“Come on child.” The woman said as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside. I looked back at my mother with tears in my eyes as the doors closed in between us. That was the last day that I saw my parents.
That was the day my life went to hell. I’ve been living in this house for six years now. My parent made a fake promise to me; they never came back for me. When they left all I did was wait for them. It broke my heart that they lied to me.

At least I wasn’t the only one who felt abandoned. There were other girls here as well. Bella, Sable, Bora, and Poppy. I was nine when I first meet them. Over the years, I learned that Bella was the first one here. Then came Sable, Bora, then me, and lastly Poppy. 

Life in this house is horrible. The people in charge are Mary and Ben. Both are old and mean. They treat us like their personal servants. The five of us have our own chores that we have to do everyday. If anyone of us does something they don’t like or we disobey them, they abuse us physically and verbally. The girls and i walk on eggshells when we are with them. We try to stay out of their way; and most of the time it works and other times it doesn’t. 

I wish that all of us could just leave this place and never return.