Genie Please

I Need Answers 


That night changed my life for ever. Why does all the bad thing have to happen to me? First my parents, then my brother, and now this. I can’t take anymore pain, anymore heartbreak. All I want is answers, is that too much to ask. The guys that are taking care of me, ever since my brother died, are somewhat responsible for his death. After Alex told me the truth about what my brother was doing I couldn’t believe it. My own brother joined a gang and was killed because of just being part of it. I lived with Alex and his brothers for about two months now and have grown attached to each of them. Even after all I have been through they decided now, after we were almost killed, to tell me the truth. It hurt and they lost my trust. Now at two in the morning at the park in Seoul, Korea I’m alone sitting on one of the benches waiting for Alex, Taeil, and Jimin to come back from the convenient store with food and water. Apparently, after we got shot at in, our own home, the people who shot at us are still trying to kill us. So now we have to leave town. I see Alex come out of the convenient store and jogged over to me with bags in his hands. I look away from him as he gets closer to me.

“Taeil and Jimin will be out soon.” He says as he pulls out a water bottle and handing it to me. I don’t take which makes him sigh and he sits down next to me. 

“Look I’m sorry okay, about lying to you. Your brother didn’t tell you to keep you safe.”

“I get that. But why did he have to get into this mess. He was all I had left and then I find him dead on my door step. Do you know what kind of shit I’ve been through since I moved here? I can’t go through my father leaving, my mothers death, and my brothers death and still be okay! I’m breaking Alex and it hurst so much!” At this point I was standing in front of him with tears streaming down my face. Taeil and Jimin were now approaching us. “I want answers now. Why did you bring my brother into your mess? Why are there people trying to kill us?” I asked him trying to clam down. He couldn’t look at me. 

“I think we should get going now, before they find us.” Taeil said.

“I’m not going anywhere until someone answers my questions.” I said looking at Alex. 

“Listen I will explain everything when we get to where we are going I promise.” Alex said.

“I don’t trust you.” I said bluntly and started walking in the directions of the car. 

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