Genie Please

The Night Shift


I can’t believe that I got stuck working the night shift. I don’t even see a point in staying open all night long it’s not like anyone is going to come in here at two in the morning. I usually leave work at 7:30 since I am still in school, but since my co-worker called in sick I got stuck working the night shift. 
With absolutely nothing to do I find interest in the magazines on the counter until the door opens to the convenience store. In walks a guy who is in all black clothing. He’s tall with hair that is clearly dyed. His skin is pale and his eyes are cold. As handsome as he is, I can’t help but feel uneasy with his presence. As he walks towards the drink aisle, I keep my eyes on him just observing him. There’s something about him that seems very dangerous. When he finally makes his decision on what drink he want he makes his way to me. He puts the can of beer on the counter and I ring it up. 
“$2.50.” I said. He hands me five dollars and I give him his change. “Have a nice night.” I say trying to be polite. He give me a nod and walks towards the door. As he’s about to open the door he turns to me. 
“Is Louis here?” He asks.
“No he’s out sick.” He nods and walks back towards my counter.
“What’s your name love?” 
“Sable.” I said. He smirks at me. 
“A pretty name for a pretty girl.” He says and I scoff at his comment. 
“Is there anything else you need?” I say in a irritated tone. 
“No. Look sweetheart, when you see Louis give him this for me.” He says handing me an envelope. I take the envelope from him. “I’ll make sure he gets it. Are you a friend of his?”
“Something like that.” 
“Well if that’s all you need have a nice night.” I said trying to get this guy out of the store. “Aren’t you going to ask for my name love?” I shake my head no. “Oh come on love, don’t be so rude.” I start to be come irritated very quickly with his presence. 
“Don’t call me love now can you please leave.” I said. 
“Sorry love but I’m waiting on some friends just thought I’d start a conversation with you I didn’t mean any harm.” He says. I don’t say anything back. Who ever he’s waiting for needs to come quick so he can leave. He turns around finally giving up on conversing with me and what I notice scares the hell out of me. Sticking out the back of his pants is the handle to a gun. Who the hell is this guy? Whoever he is I want him gone. Just then another guy walks in. He is as equally as handsome as the other one, but my uneasiness keeps growing. “Jin.” The other guy said. So that’s the blonde’s name. I watch as they both greet each other. Jin points out that Louis in here and his friend turns around to look at me. He walks slowly towards me and gives me a small smile. He seems more welcoming than his friend. 
“Hello my name is James and I need your help with something.” 
“What is it?”
“Your friend Louis has something that he promised he’d give me tonight and he said that it’s in the manager’s office. Do you think you can go in there and get it for me?” He asks sincerely.
“I’m not sure what your looking for and I don’t have the key to the manager’s office.” I said hoping that he would believe me. James lowers his head and lets out a sigh.
“That’s not good….”
“Sable. I was really hoping that you would help me. Now I know there is a key to that office underneath the counter can you get the key and open the door for me?” 
“No. Whatever is going on between you and Louis is none of my business. You’ll just have to come back tomorrow night when he’s here.” I said stepping away from the counter just a little bit. I don’t know who these guys are and but I know that I don’t want to be involved with them. 
“I can’t wait until tomorrow night. Now get the key to the office now or your not going to like what happens next.” He said is voice now chilling. He moves his jacket back a little bit to show me his gun sticking out of his pants. I make my way underneath the counter and get the spare key. I start walking towards the office with him close behind me. We get to the door and I hesitate to open it at first. Once the door is open James pushes past me and into the office. I watch him dig around in my boss’s desk for something. He pulls out a big envelope and makes his way out of the office. I follow him back into the front of the store where Jin is waiting for him. 
“I got it. Sable love tell James thank you and don’t forget to give him the envelope.” Jin said to me. I watch as he makes his way out of the store. 
“I appreciate your help and here.”
He hands me a piece of paper. 
“I have a feeling like I’ll be seeing more of you from now on.” He says and smirks at me. I watch as he leaves the store more confused and scared than I was before. Whoever these guys were I hoped that I would never see them again.

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